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The Bare Bones Way - About The BBQ

Bare Bones BBQ Catering Service is based in Grand Lake, Colorado. We serve all of the towns in Grand County, from Winter Park to Kremmling. Bare Bones is owned by Keith Everhart. Keith has lived in Grand Lake for 14 years. He was born and raised in Canton, Kansas, and friends, that's where the BBQ story begins!

If you didn't know, Kansas is genuine BBQ country. Authentic Kansas-style BBQ is slow-smoked ... low and slow. The sauce is perfectly sweet, tangy and rich.

Tri-Tip BBway

Keith and his younger brother began backyard barbecuing in Kansas in the mid 1980's. From burgers and chicken to pork, brisket and ribs, their BBQ grill and smoker stayed busy in those days. They tried different spices, rubs and experimented with many techniques to arrive at consistently tender, juicy and flavorful meats. Through trial and error, they slowly became experts at preparing sauces and perfectly made beef, pork and poultry. They were their own toughest critics.

posterWe all know there are regional styles to BBQ flavor and sauce. The more Keith experimented, the more he began to move away from the traditionally thick and sweet style that is characteristic of Kansas-style BBQ. Over the years, he tried spicier recipes that are commonly associated with Texas-style BBQ, but he wasn't completely satisfied with that flavor either.

During this time, Keith moved to Grand Lake. He continued to BBQ as a hobby for his family and friends. Keith considers his BBQ to be Colorado-style - mixing just enough of the tangy richness found in Kansas with a hint of flavorful spice, ala Texas-style. None of the preparation or cooking is rushed. The result is an amazingly authentic selection of grilled and smoked meats that perfectly match the rustic, natural surroundings of Grand Lake, Grand County and the Continental Divide.

In 2009, a friend suggested to Keith that he consider starting a side business to prepare and sell his BBQ. By then, Keith had his own delicious 'from-scratch' recipes for beans and other side dishes. He also had time-tested recipes to prepare delectable prime rib, salmon, beef tri-tip and even roasting a whole hog. A catering business seemed like the perfect next step. The decision was made to give it a try and that's when Bare Bones BBQ Catering Service began.


Our Goal - Nothing left but Bare Bones!